Effective Partnership

It is time to change the way we think. In business, specialization and agility lead to success. You can get both from outsourcing providers that can evolve into your strategic partners.

Is your business weighed down by inefficiencies? IT is becoming more complex every day and it is difficult to keep up with all the trends and new solutions that are launched on the market. We suggest that you focus on your core business and leave IT support to third-party specialized providers.

Server Hosting

If you want to deploy your server hardware to a backup data center, S&T can help you. We offer HOSTING services for your hardware. Based on your needs, you can connect your servers to our storage systems. We can also perform backups on your behalf, deploy a firewall to protect your systems and ensure redundant internet connectivity. If you want to build the environment on your own and are just looking to rent space, we can provide you with an optical connection to your location through most optical network providers in Slovenia.

Server Hardware Renting / Operating Lease

If you want to turn your hardware investments into a monthly expense, we can offer you operating lease or the ability to rent hardware for a specific period. This applies to new hardware or the equipment you already own.

Management Systems

Management systems help us ensure compliance with SLAs and quickly respond to each detected incident or warning. If an engineer does not respond, our management systems automatically escalate the incident in accordance with the organizational chart.

Data Center Lease

Data center leasing provides you with a reliable and secure environment and helps you reduce costs and the scope of your IT investment.

S&T Slovenia provides its customers with two connected locations (primary and backup data center) that are located within the wider Ljubljana city center area. Both data centers have the facility infrastructure to host IT infrastructures. The highest level of redundancy is ensured by a backup data center – in the event of complete failure of one data center this redundancy ensures that hosted systems continue to operate without loss.

With redundancy of I/O resources, we ensure 99.98% availability of services and optimal equipment performance. Physical access to the equipment is monitored 24×7 in accordance with the proven methods and procedures as required by the ISO 27001 certification. This ensures transparent insight into service interventions and the current status of the data center (who entered the data center, what work they performed, changes in micro-climate conditions, etc.)

We protect your internal network with the proven CheckPoint firewall solution and Intrusion Detection Systems and by backing up all important logs for active elements.

Virtual Servers

Using the Virtual Data center, you can use your equipment as a set of resources that can be allocated, distributed, dynamically managed or customized in accordance with your needs for provisioned services. Improved resource utilization ensures high levels of security, scalability, manageability/visibility and accessibility.

S&T Slovenia provides hardware and software virtualization. We offer several different types of virtualization:

  • Server virtualization
  • Workstation virtualization
  • Network virtualization
  • Software solution virtualization (client-level virtualization)
  • Software environment virtualization
  • Configuration and management tool virtualization

Remote User Support (SD – Service Desk)

The existing call center (Service Desk) supports more than 10,000 end-users of the applications that we host in our data centers. Call center primarily provides phone-based support, although agents can use remote access tools to connect to a remote user’s computer and access their screen to provide support directly on their Workstation.

Outsourcing and Process Support

Certified and experienced professionals can help you manage all the key parts of your IT system. In addition to standard administrative tasks that ensure normal operation of software, S&T Slovenija also offers advanced services that improve performance and security, prevent downtime and ensure better utilization of existing hardware and software. S&T Slovenija has the necessary skills and experience, a fact that is attested by our clients as well as our vendors.